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SUMMER 2014 CSA Registration NOW OPEN!! - Sign up now and SAVE!

Winter Registration is STILL OPEN! - CLICK HERE!

Summer CSA Registration is NOW OPEN!

We know it′s cold outside, but we are hard at work and before you know it the Spring blossoms will be blooming.  Prepaying for the season can give you big savings like 10% off (7% for CC).  This savings is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Don′t miss out.  Visit our Summer Sign Up Page and lock in your savings now!

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Beans and Peas

There are many varieties of beans and peas that we grow.  When we say peas there are basically two categories of peas:  shelling and the english and snow (green) peas.  All of the beans and peas belong to the legume group.  For the beans, there are two broad categories as well:  pod beans and shelling beans.  Pod beans are your green beans, rattlesnake beans, romano beans can all be eaten whole with the pods.  Shell beans such as fava (broad) beans need to be shelled before you can eat them.

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  • Jan 10

    Early Bird Special ** Sign up for 2014 Spring CSA Program ** http://t.co/KBSHDGaWTd

  • Jan 9

    We are at wake. Taking donations for funeral expenses. Contact us if you want to make a donation. Please pray for his family & friends.

  • Jan 9

    The first employee we ever hired, Ricky Rone has passed at age 54. He was not just an employee but a friend and family member. Miss him.

Download Flyers Here

If you can help us promote and start new locations, our flyers are listed below:

·         If you just want to help us promote and get our name out there, use the generic flyer with tear off tabs:  Community Flyer

·         If you are trying to get a work drop organized, use this: Work Flyer

·         If you are trying to get a flyer for your church drop and want to coordinate: Church Flyer

·         Our brochure, inside and outside pages are located here: Brochure Inside  and Brochure Outside if you want to include them in a company mailing or e-mail to people

If you need us to send you color copies or copies of the glossy tri-fold brochure, please let Kelly know at customerservice at avalon-acres.com or use the "contact" link at the upper right corner of the webpage.  Also, if you want us to tailor a flyer with your company’s, churches or other name on it, just let us know and we can whip one up in a jiffy (bet you didn’t know farmers know how to use Adobe Photoshop)!

Thanks for helping us grow.  We appreciate you so much.

Tim and the entire Avalon Team


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