How to support the farm in the winter months...

NOTICE: Unlike previous years, pre-season 10% discounts (7% for CC/Debit card) for full prepays will be available for A LIMITED TIME ONLY.  This also applies to Special Order Only customers.  Don′t miss out on big savings... act now before time runs out!

And yes, you can sign up even after the season starts.


 The Winter Schedule will start on Friday, Dec 4th and Sat, Dec 5th and will run for 10 bi-weekly deliveries (skipping Dec 25th and Jan 1st), wrapping up on April 15th & 16th.   


Supporting the farm in the winter is so important to our CSA. We need as many members as possible to support us in the winter as the summer income simply does not stretch enough to support the whole year. Buying our meats, preserved products, Amish baked goods and winter veggies literally makes the summer season possible.

We also wanted to let you know that it′s not necessary to put in a standing order.  We will take customers on a Special Order Only basis... no minimum order required. Now, don′t get us wrong.  We really appreciate standing orders in order to establish regular income for us so we can make it to the next Summer Season,  but if you can put in a standing order, we would love you for it.  However, if you don′t want to commit, this is your opportunity to sign up with no standing obligation.  You can try out our products, as you like, all winter long.  All you have to do is pay the $25 registration fee and specify "Special Orders Only" in your e-mail or somewhere on your form  Then, just respond to our mailings and order when you like.  

Special Order Only customers can also purchase food at a discount. Simply put down a prepay deposit and you can enjoy the savings noted above until the deposit runs out.

To sign up please follow the instructions below:

First, download the Registration Addendum.  It has all the details of the packages and options laid out.  We separated it out, because we don′t need this page sent back to us. It does have information you will need to make your choices.  After that, you are ready to download and complete the Registration form.  We have two different forms:

Want to hand write/scan/fax/e-mail?  Use this Registration Form

Want to edit/save/e-mail?  Use this Editable Registration Form

Simply follow the steps outlined below. Our CSA Pricing is contained in the registration form (page 2).

1. Fill in your Contact Information

2. Select a Pick-Up Location - We have many convenient locations throughout Spring Hill, Vanderbilt Area, Nashville, East Nashville, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro and Jackson.

3. Choose your Package - Select one of our packages or build your own package! We make choosing your package flexible. If you have an allergy or a meat preference, just let us know!

3. Calculate your Payment - If you use the editable PDF form, all the calculations are done for you. Simply input the number of weeks left (if interested in prepay) and check the payment option you would like.  There are 10 deliveries in the winter session.

Prepay customers enjoy a nice discount! Currently, we are offering a 10% discount to all those prepaying the entire season in full (7% for credit/debit card purchases).  Prepaying really helps us out as it gives us operating capital to buy supplies, seeds and equipment. It′s a real "win-win" as you get your food with a discount and we get financial flexibility.  IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, PLEASE PREPAY!

4. Send us the registration by:

  • saving the form to your hard drive (or scan the hand-written form) and e-mail it to us, or
  • print it and fax us at 931-796-2462 or
  • drop it in the mail to us: Avalon Acres Farms, 750 Piney Creek Road, Hohenwald, TN 38462
  • We will invoice you... see Pay My Bill Page to log in an pay once you get an invitation to our Bill & Pay system

After the season starts, it really is best to e-mail or fax it to us so we can get you signed up quickly and you won′t miss any deliveries. You can just bring your money to the first pickup and give it to the delivery driver.

Once we get you in the system, we will send you an invitation to sign up for our secure Bill & Pay system so you can set up your account and arrange for payment.  If you chose to prepay we will send you the invoice so you can pay it.  If you want to Pay As You Go, then we will send you an invoice for the registration Membership Fee of $25 and you can set up your convenient Auto Pay settings so your bills are taken care of easily and automatically..


Tim, Jen and the whole Avalon Family


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